Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everyone that decides to read my blog! Whether that be just me or a few people. Don't really know yet. Kind of feels like I'm saying hello to myself at the moment considering this is my first blog post. And now I'm blabbering.  Okay to the point.  So a friend of mine first suggested... Continue Reading →

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Is technology ruining me? 

Technology is everywhere around us. These days it's pretty hard to avoid and the need for it is pretty much unavoidable. It is quite possible to reduce the amount of it in your life though.  But I choose not to. It'd be nice to have no technology. I think I'd probably do more with my... Continue Reading →

Why so little faith? 

About 2 years ago I decided I would start going to church again.. I didn't go for a whole year before that. I honestly let life's problems get in the way so I stopped going.  Anyway, it was amazing to be back. It was great to hear a message every Sunday morning, that I really... Continue Reading →

Snap out of it.. And do it. 

My hand is frozen.  Well... It was.  Have you ever just felt so excited to write something.. But don't know how. The scenario plays out so well in your head; it's absolutely perfect. It sends a rush of excitement and fear throughout your body just thinking about it. It fills you with hope and inspiration. ... Continue Reading →

Unknown rage 

To come home from a good day out to be filled with absolute rage.. I don't even know what to say. I don't know what it was. Every little thing just really ticked me off. The baby crying, the stupid kids show on the TV, looking at the state my house was currently in.. Everything... Continue Reading →

Mothers day at kinder 

Today was really good for me. I feel like I accomplished something. No, I did accomplish something. It's been a while since I've taken public transport by myself. The first few years of being a mum I was forever taking public transport and I didn't mind it too much. But once Garren got his license I... Continue Reading →

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